Miracles (part 1)

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This is ultimately a book about a clash of worldviews. A worldview offers an explanation of the important features/phenomena of life and the world. In the West, the atheist worldview is often expressed in naturalism. Lewis argues for theism based on what is true internally of us, rather than argument from design. Discussion is not whether a particular miracle has occurred, but in principle, is it a possibility.

C.S. Lewis Lecture 5a


Miracles (part 1)

I. BioLogos Conference

II. Introduction

A. Worldview

1. Naturalism vs. Supernaturalism

2. Theism vs. atheism

III. Argument for Theism

A. Neither experience nor history can prove whether a miracle has occurred

B. Hume’s definition of a miracle as a violation of the laws of nature

C. Lewis says that this is an ontological matter not an epistemological matter

D. Types of laws


43 min