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Lecture 12: Mere Christianity (part 9)

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The Supreme Being, behind the universe as we know it, is a personal being, eternal and the model for how we are to understand our personhood. We can’t understand our own personhood fully, the way it’s supposed to operate, unless we understand what God is, as a personal being. We are not projecting our understanding on God but learning about ourselves by finding out about God. 

C.S. Lewis Lecture 4c


Mere Christianity (part 9)

I. Personal Nature of God

A. Practical theology

B. Distinction between making and begetting

II. The Three Personal God

A. God is internally complex

B. To be a personal being is to be a relational being

C. To be “caught up” means that you participate in the “higher” kind of life and in the process you experience and become more of your true self

III. Time and Beyond Time

A. Timelessness view of God

B. Everlasting view of God

IV. Good Infection

V. Is Christianity Hard or Easy?

VI. Nice People or New Men

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36 min

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