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Lecture 11: Mere Christianity (part 8)

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Premise one: every natural desire corresponds to one real object. Premise two: There exists in us a desire that nothing in the temporal world can satisfy. Conclusion is that there must be more than time, earth and creatures that can satisfy this desire.

C.S. Lewis Lecture 4b


Mere Christianity (part 8)

I. Hope (cont.)

A. Argument from desire

B. Comparison of Kant and Descartes

II. Faith: Belief “That” and Belief “In”

A. One aspect of faith is that a proposition is true

B. Another aspect of faith is volitional

C. Must have both cognitive and volitional

D. Role of rational considerations in believing Christianity

E. To what degree do the propositions you believe have to be accurate for belief to be valid?

F. Faith being a gift of God

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31 min

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