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Mere Christianity (part 6)

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Our rationality being reliable assumes that we can produce a large preponderance of true beliefs over false ones by using rational faculties like memory, abstract reasoning, perception and the testimony of others. The role of philosophy is to analyze and explain the common sense beliefs of the human race about morality and the external world. 


Mere Christianity (part 6)

I. Introduction

A. Common sense realism

B. Metaphilosophy

1. Barclayan idealism

2. Personhood – a unified center of consciousness with a first-person point of view that is not able to be detected by a microscope

3. Hume vs Reid

II. Christian Behavior is Related to Moral Life

A. Three parts of morality

1. A theory of good and bad (character and virtue)

2. A theory of right and wrong (duty and obligation)

3. Purpose or meaning of morality

4. Analogy of the fleet of ships

B. Classical vs Christian virtue

C. Morality and psychoanalysis (No discussion on Chapter 3, Social Morality)

D. Sexual Morality

E. Christian Marriage

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