Mere Christianity (part 5)

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Theism is intellectually at least on par, if not superior to, other conceptions of reality like dualism, pantheism and naturalism. If there is a God that theism describes, only one deity of the living theistic religions said that this God invaded our existence. The question is that in comparison to other alternatives, what is emerging as a reasonable explanation of the reality we face?

C.S. Lewis Lecture 3b


Mere Christianity (part 5)

I. Different Conceptions of God

A. Theism

B. Atheism

C. The question of suffering and evil that reality contains

D. Sinful human nature

II. The Shocking Alternative

A. How God makes himself known to humans

1. Conscience (moral awareness)

2. Good dreams

B. Objections to Jesus

C. Liar, lunatic and Lord trilemna

D. The practical conclusion is that we should seek this new life


43 min

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