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Mere Christianity (part 2)

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The probability of morality as we know it in the human community, given that theism is true, is more probable than morality given any other worldview. Morality at the human (finite) level is anchored in morality at the infinite level. Morality has its most natural fitting worldview home in theism. In using the analogy of light shining through boards in a tool shed, Lewis says, “I believe in Christianity, not because I see it, but because by it, I see everything else.” 


Mere Christianity (part 2)

I. Responses to Arguments from realism

II. Is There a Power Behind the Universe?

A. Lewis doesn't directly infer a divine being from moral awareness

B. Theism becomes acceptable and compelling rationally, by comparison with other worldviews

C. Morality at the human (finite) level is anchored in morality at the infinite level


Book 2: What Christians Believe

III. Preview

A. Rival conceptions of God

B. Comments about other religions

1. We do know that no one can be saved, except through Christ. What we don’t know whether only those who know him can be saved through him

2. Two types of atheism

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