Free Online Bible Classes | Students, Mentors, and Administrators

Students, Mentors, and Administrators believes that the best kind of learning happens in community, and so our Certificate program is full of features that will help both the students and the mentor move through the material, or small groups working together. Here is an overview from the student's point of view and then from the mentor's.


Begin by going to your own dashboard and selecting the correct cohort.

Here you will see the description of your cohort, your personal mailing preferences.

As you scroll down, you will see the login names of other members of the cohort.

Down the right column are cohort discussions. You can create a new one, or you can click into an existing discussion and comment. Whether you are notified of new discussion posts or not is determined by your mailing preferences. 

From the cohort you can go to the certificate you are attending as part of the cohort.

You can even have fun earning badges to mark your successes!

(Screenshot forthcoming …)

Administrator Permissions

When you go to your account, click on the cohort with which you want to work. There are two special roles in a cohort. “Administrators” have access to everything the student has, plus the ability to modify the cohort by changing its name, description, and by adding links you want your students to visit or resources you want them to download.

You can add new students and remove others.

Administrators can send email to any number of members of the cohort, or they can go to the student's dashboard and send private messages.

Mentor Permissions

Mentors can also see everything the student sees, but they can also drill down into the student's records to see their progress.

Focus in on one student.

The mentor can even drill down to see the quiz questions and how the student did.

Mentors can also send email to the members of the cohort, like the administrators.