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Marxism is an economic system based on the idea of a class struggle with the goal of a classless society.


The Christian Worldview and Economics

Part 5

I.  The Economic Way of Thinking

A.  People respond to incentives.

B.  Every choice involves some (opportunity) cost.

C.  Certainty in economics is unattainable.

D.  Always consider the long-range consequences of choices.


II.  The Four Faces of Marxism

A.  Social Democratic Marxism

1.  Led by F. Engles

2.  Achieve goals through nonviolent, peaceful means

B.  Marxism-Leninism

1.  Lenin's revision of Marx and Engles

2.  Five Stages of Revolution

a.  Class Struggle

b.  Revolution

c.  Dictatorship

d.  The Withering State

e.  Classless Society

3.  Leninism is totalitarian and expansionist.

C.  Neo-Marxism (Humanistic Marxism)

1.  Based on Marx's unpublished early writings

2.  Herbert Marcuse (Frankfurt School)

3.  Four Kinds of Alienation

a.  Worker from the things he produces

b.  Worker from his job

c.  Worker from fellow workers

d.  Worker from himself

4.  Tony Campolo

D.  Chameleon Marxism

1.  New front in the realm of higher education

2.  Led by Antonio Gramsci

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