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Malachi, Ezra, and Nehemiah

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A look at the latter days, the closing of the prophetic cannon, and the books of Malachi, Ezra, and Nehemiah.


The Return:  Malachi, Ezra and Nehemiah


I.  "The Latter Days"

A.  Tribulation

B.  Return to the Lord

C.  Messianic Victory

D.  The saints are raised from the dead

E.  New Covenant

F.  New Kingdom with a Davidic King

G.  Gentiles experience deliverance


II.  Closing of the Prophetic Canon

A.  Restoration barely underway

1.  Spiritually

2.  Politically

3.  Economically

B.  Restoration depends upon Messianic arrival

C.  Restoration expected the Holy Spirit

D.  Restoration only begun by return to homeland


III.  Orienting Data for Malachi

A.  Content

B.  Date

C.  Emphases

D.  Disputation Style

1.  Assertion

2.  Objection

3.  Response

4.  Implication

E.  Language of Diplomacy: Love and Hate


IV.  Overview of Malachi

A.  Problems from enemies

B.  The priesthood is corrupt

C.  Divorce and remarriage

D.  Not giving adequate tithes and offerings

E.  Failure to fear and honor God


V.  Ezra and Nehemiah

A.  Ezra

1.  Rebuilding of the temple

2.  Ezra arrives--Jerusalem still uninhabitable

3.  Morally decrepit

B.  Nehemiah

1.  Nehemiah as Governor

2.  Safety first

3.  Social injustice

4.  Threat of neighbors attacking

5.  Restore proper worship

6.  Covenant renewal

7.  Resettling Jerusalem

8.  Problem with intermarriage again

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