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Major Holidays in Popular Hinduism

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These are nine of the major holidays celebrated in India. Sankara has been called India’s greatest philosopher. Sankara emphasized universals and Ramanuja emphasized the particulars, similar to Plato and Aristotle in Western thought. Sankara has greater status as a philosopher, but Ramanuja has had a great influence on how the masses practice Hinduism.

The chart Dr. Tennent refers to near the end of the lecture is the “Three Vehicle Structure of Hinduism,” which is labeled Lecture 6 in the complete class outline pdf document on the class page.


A. Introduction

B. Most important festivals

1. Lohari

2. Holi

3. Naga panchami

4. Janmashtami

5. Ganesh Chaturti

6. Durga Puja

7. Devali

8. Mahashivaratri

9. Kumba Mela

a. Samskaras

b. Upanayana

c. Vivaha

d. Antyesti [The chart is the “Three Vehicle Structure of Hinduism” Lecture 6]

C. Should Christians in India eat meat offered to idols and celebrate festivals with Hindu origins?

D. Overview of Sankara

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