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We live in an ever connected, technological world with capabilities that the earth has never encountered before. In a mere 150 years, mankind has harnessed the power of solar, hydro, fossil fuels, and wind energies. Technologies like electricity, engines, computers, cell phones, internet, wifi and bluetooth have completely changed the landscape of our world and our abilities to communicate and share the Good News of Jesus Christ with others. It's amazing to think that: 

  • A missionary in Ethiopia can contact their family in the United States with a simple click of a smartphone app using wireless technology and begin a conversation in audio and video  - as if they never left home.
  • A pastor can share the gospel via social media with shut-ins or church members who are traveling on a cruise in the middle of an ocean with a live-feed on a phone. 
  • A crisis youth hotline volunteer can respond to a suicidal teenager with a text and call for help at the same time. 
  • A translator can gather new languages of the Bible in the jungle and transmit to a server in the cloud making it possible for uploads or downloads to be shared around the world. 
  • A mother in South Africa can listen to an audio Bible in her own language with a solar powered radio while cooking a meal and caring for her children.
  • A non-profit ministry can raise millions of dollars in one day using onlinefundraising tools that unite passionate Christ-followers for a cause.
  • And the list goes on. 

Connections matter. If it weren't true, God would never have designed creatures to live in kinds and humans to live in families, tribes and nations. He knew the power of "one another" connections and how together we're stronger than if isolated.   When we are united in Christ, when we listen to one another, pray with one another, cry with one another, share our joys with one another and  bear our burdens together - we are blessed in Christian fellowship and love.

In partnership with, we have created this landing page to further promote strengthening evangelical Christian ministry leaders, pastors, missionaries and lay people who serve in a variety of roles to advance the Kingdom of God. We're thrilled at the opportunity to make this page available to you and invite you to begin looking at the classes available listed here. Together, The Tie That Binds and hope that you enjoy your experience in learning as they've provided a comprehensive Biblical and theological education from world-class professors.

Classes Include: 

  A Focus on Evangelism and Missions

  • A Short Course on Evangelism
  • Essentials of World Missions
  • Essentials of Worldview Analysis
  • Essentials of Islam
  • Essentials of Hinduism
  • Essentials of Buddhism
  • Essentials of African Traditional Religions
  • Essentials of Christian Ethics

  A Focus on Emotional & Physical Strengthening of Others 

  • Counseling for Healthy Relationships
  • Depression: When a Member of the Flock Needs Special Care
  • Suffering for the Sake of the Body


All for God's Glory,

   J. L.

The Tie That Binds - in Association with The Paraclete Mission Group



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