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Okanagan Bible College and Canadian Graduate School of Ministry

Okanagan Bible College is committed to excellence in preparing Christian workers, and has set before itself the following aims:

The school's aim is to equip men and women who, as servants of Christ, are disciplined in mind, committed to higher learning, and sensitive to the needs of the world.
We strive for competence and excellence in study and research.
We are committed to the ministry of the Word of God through professional development, spiritual formation, and the dynamics of pastoral ministry.
We work to sharpen our sense of the divine call upon our lives.
We embrace the diversity of ecclesiastical life and the various personal backgrounds that enrich the spiritual fellowship of the Church of Jesus Christ.

Okanagan Bible College is actively pursuing these ends in the following ways:

The study of the entire Bible is a central characteristic of the curriculum. Students study the structural arrangement of scriptural truths in systematic and biblical theology.

Okanagan Bible College / Canadian Graduate School of Ministry stands unequivocally committed to the Scriptures, God's authoritative written revelation. The school's commitment to the Scriptures leads it to a system of doctrine in which the great fundamentals of the Christian faith are affirmed.

From its inception Okanagan Bible College has been noted for its emphasis upon preparing men and women for ministry in today's world. To achieve that goal all the faculty members are academically qualified and experienced in various areas of Christian ministry. The resulting education, therefore, is a blend of academic knowledge and practical application to prepare students for effective service for Christ.

Since its beginning, Okanagan Bible College has admitted students whose calling is to serve the Church of Jesus Christ. It is our conviction that to benefit by education leading to ministry a student must be walking in fellowship with God so that he or she can be taught by God's Spirit through those called to teach.

Recognizing that rising costs have kept students from getting the education they desire, Okanagan Bible College and Canadian Graduate School of Ministry has provided an affordable education. This has been done without compromise in the quality of instruction.

Okanagan Bible College is committed to serving God's people everywhere. 

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