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2020 Biblical Training Classes

Hello! My name is Lauren St. John, and the picture you see is a fancy headshot I had taken recently for an interview with Entrepreneur. I'm a Doctor of Nursing Practice, Family Nurse Practitioner, Master Certified Health Coach, and I really want to be your friend.

The last seven years of my life have been a thoroughly incredible testimony of posttraumatic growth. If this is the first time you're hearing about "PTG," rest assured you're not alone.

The term was officially coined in the psychology world by two doctor-researchers, Richard Tedeschi and Lawrence Calhoun. You can find their research group and extensive body of work in The University of North Carolina at Charlotte Department of Psychology.

As a believer in the saving work of Jesus Christ that brings men and women back into a personal and intimate relationship with God, I have a theory about the nature and trajectory of posttraumatic growth.

My theory is twofold. First, I believe wholeheartedly that God is the source of all posttraumatic growth. Second, I believe that the science of posttraumatic growth can be aligned with biblical truth to yield a blueprint for faith-based recovery from traumatic experiences.

If you follow me on social media (@laurenannekarl), I'll take you with me as I share my own testimony and why I am a proponent of exalting Christ in this arena of life, as with all arenas of life. I'll teach you what I am learning about the effects of lifestyle, exercise, attitude, and nutrition (L.E.A.N.) on psychological health. And I will engage in conversation about topics from, starting with my own personal favorite: Why We Trust Our Bible.

Please know I am not employed by or affiliated with and they likewise are not affiliated with my efforts here. This landing page was made available to me by a donation to their nonprofit organization and is useful so I can direct a curriculum from their available resources.

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I will be completing the classes in the order they are linked, but you can jump in anywhere that interests you.