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Downtown Mission Church Ministry Internship Program

Welcome to the DMC Ministry Internship program landing page!

In partnership with the ministry of, we are pleased to provide DMC'ers the opportunity to experience a church-based theological discipleship program that will provide you with the tools to handle God's Word faithfully as a "disciple-making disciple," which is what we pray our church would be filled with.

One of our core convictions as a church is the importance of developing an environment of intentional discipleship where followers of Christ are cultivated. We like that imagery, because Jesus uses agricultural terms to talk about Christian living and ministry, like bearing fruit, abiding in Jesus as branches abide in a vine, pruning, etc. It’s our desire, as the leadership of the church, to serve Jesus’ purpose of cultivating fruitful, gospel-centered believers.

The healthiest churches are filled with theologically-deep Christians who are saturated with the gospel and are equipped by the leaders of the church for the work of ministering in the church and to the world. We believe that discipleship is the normal Christian life - that every Christian should be regularly learning and growing within the context of community. In the course of that regular growth, some believers may desire to invest additional time and effort into a season of more “focused” development.

The DMC Ministry Internship program is an eight course sequence that serves to provide an environment for focused development to occur. These internships are unpaid opportunities to work closely with the pastoral leadership of the church and with a cohort of others who desire to grow in their understanding of theology, practice of personal spiritual disciplines, and development of ministry skills for service in the church.

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