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Degrees of Faith Fellowship Ministers' Development and Training (MIT)

The Degrees of Faith Fellowship and Council of Churches School of Ministry is a biblically based school with emphasis in preparing pastors, preachers and teachers for effective gospel ministry.

Students are prepared to effectively develop and exercise his or her spiritual gifting, by first laying a strong biblical foundation, and then learning how to implement that biblical foundation in specific areas of ministry.
The ministers and teachers school offers an intense study of thematic revelation in the Old and New Testaments. Thematic revelation is founded in sound biblical doctrine while expanding the students’ conceptualization of biblical truth.

The elements of preaching with purpose are offered to increase the overall effectiveness and power of the preacher during the preaching moment. Style, purpose, introduction, delivery and effective invitations are just a few of the areas of study.
Basic to advanced hermeneutics, effective, accurate exegesis, moves and structures of homiletics along with the role, relationship, and perception of ministry ethics complete the curriculum.

For more information about Ministers In Training, contact Elder D. O'Neil Fleming, Sr., at (971) 222-9902

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