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Our Mission

Teach Biblically, Train Skillfully, Evangelize Creatively 

The Holy Spirit
Walking with God
Will Power of the Prophets
Why Study Christian Doctrine?
God and the Universe
The Life of the Christian
The Christian Community
Worship (Part 2)
Worship (Part 3)
The Leader and Revelation
Designing Worship Experiences
Leading Music
Praise Teams
Structure of the Worship Service
Elements of the Worship Service
Ordinary Spiritual Warfare
The Two Kingdoms
The Reality of Our Spiritual War
Defining Leadership (Part 1)
Defining Leadership (Part 2)
The Core Values of a Leader (pt 2)
The Core Skills for Leadership
The Value of Teams
Mission and Leadership
Vision and Leadership
Leadership and Change
Challenges and Transitions
Challenges to the Gospel
Lecture 5: Kingdom Parables
What is Apologetics?
Lecture 12: Titles of Jesus
The Core of the Gospel Biblically
The Gospel Message
Action Evangelism
Why are we here?
The Whole Person
The Teachers
Voice and Gesture
Dress and Style
Word & Witness
Text Selection & Interpretation
The Road from Text to Sermon
The 95 Theses
The Spirit is Working
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