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Hello, and welcome to Disciple U, a ministry of Awaken Church.

Below, you will find several downloadable and/or streamable Bible courses to help you develop and mature as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Awaken Church's Disciple U is free of charge to you, as we want to do all that we can to equip and mature your heart, soul, mind, and strength in Jesus' Name.

If this is your first visit to Awaken's Disciple U page, you will need to create a free account on to be able to download the course materials.

Once your account is created, you can access all the helpful features of Awaken Church's Disciple U discipleship program.

Be sure to visit Disciple U often, as new courses will continually be added.

Awaken Church thanks for the use of the study material, and we invite you to dig deep, and grow exponentially in the knowledge of God and His Word.

All God's Best to you.


Awaken Church

Suggested path of study:

Beginning Courses (each beginning course can be completed in one week or less): Essentials of the Old Testament, Guide to Christian Beliefs, Pitfalls of Leadership, Integrity of a Leader, Bible Study Methods, Short Course on Evangelism

Intermediate Courses (intermediate courses can be completed in 2-4 weeks): Old Testament Survey, New Testament Survey-Gospels, New Testament Survey-Acts through Revelation, Guide to Christian Theology, Principles of Effective Leadership, Biblical Hermeneutics (Principles of Bible Study)

*Remember to download and utilize the study guides located on the left hand side of each course page.

Biblical Training

The BiblicalTraining app gives you access to 2,100 hours of instruction (129 classes and seminars). Stream the classes, or download and listen to them offline. Share classes via social media, email, and more.