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Living Dispositionally

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The Lord desires that we live dispositionally. Important elements include loving God, living devotionally, relational strengthening, vocational serving (listening with the intent of following what I hear). Dallas Willard wrote, “If I am a disciple of Jesus, I am with him to learn from him, how to be like him." The primary calling of a pastor is to follow Jesus, within the calling of leading a church. 


Living Dispositionally

I. Review

A. Love God and live devotionally

B. Relational strengthening

C. Vocational serving

D. Temple nurturing

II. How to respond to negative experiences

A. Dallas Willard

B. Calling within the calling

C. When I stop loving God

D. When I stop loving others

E. When self-care for God's sake collapses

F. God made us so that we require rest

G. Satan gets a foothold in our lives

H. Augustine describes God rescuing him as a "severe mercy"

I. The eight deadly sins

J. If Satan would take me out of ministry now, how would he do it?