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Life of Jesus - Part 2

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In this fourth lecture, you will learn about significant events in the life of Jesus Christ our Lord. You will start with the most significant event in human history, the birth of Jesus, with which begins the fulfillment of God’s plan for the ages: the redemption of humanity. As you read about his baptism, the temptations he faced, the offer of his Kingdom, the miracles he performed, the rejection of Israel, his teachings through parables, the transfiguration, his entry into Jerusalem, his death, resurrection, and ultimately his ascension, you will stand amazed at how each one validates who Jesus is: your Savior and your King, sent by God the Father out of love and mercy for your redemption.


I. Key Events in the Life of Jesus

A. Virgin Birth

1. Matt. 1:16-25

B. Approval at Baptism

1. Matt. 3:13-17

C. Proven through Temptation

1. Matt. 4:1-11

D. Offer of the Kingdom

1. Matt. 4:17

2. Isa. 2:1-4, 9:7, 11:1-9, 35:5-6

E. Authentication by Miracles

1. Matt. 4:23-25

F. Rejection by Israel

1. Matt. 12:22-32

G. Taught Through Parables

1. Matt. 13

H. Transfiguration

1. Matt. 17:1-13

I. Royal Entry Into Jerusalem

1. Matt. 21:1-11

2. Rev. 19:11-16

3. Zech. 9:9

J. Death for Sin

1. Matt. 27:45-54

2. Romans 3:24-26

K. Resurrection before Witnesses

1. Matt. 28:1-10

2. Jn. 20:11-18

L. Ascension to Heaven

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