Free Online Bible Classes | Life of Jesus - Part 1

Life of Jesus - Part 1

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In this third lecture, Dr. Laney gives a brief inter-testament timeline leading up the physical presence of Jesus on earth. You will learn about the synoptic gospels and listen to a brief discussion of the four source theory of the synoptic gospels and its difficulties. A brief overview of the design and purpose of the gospels gives proof to the divine authorship of scripture. Finally, you will learn about the land which God chose to reveal himself to not only Israel but also to the Gentiles, which points again to the scope of God’s redemptive plan for humanity.


I. The Life of Jesus Inter-Testamental Timeline

II. Distinctives of the Gospel

A. Addreses

B. Theme

C. Design

D. Style

E. Emphasis

F. Old Testament Quotations

G. Prominent Words

III. The Synoptic Problem and the Four Source Theory

A. The Hypothesis

B. The Sources

1. Q(uelle)

2. M(atthew)

3. L(uke)

4. Mark

C. The Method

1. Mark

2. Matthew

3. Luke

D. The Crux

E. The Difficulties

F. The Alternatives

1. Oral Tradition

2. Audience and Purpose

3. Divine Inspiration

IV. The Significance of the land of israel

A. Land Bridge

B. Four Major Geographical Regions

C. Three Major Travel Routes

V. Chronological Highlights of the Life of Christ

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