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Testimonials for Life is a Journey

I have just completed the Foundations: Life is a Journey. I didn't think I really needed the refresher but was interested in seeing how you might help me share the faith with others. Boy was I wrong. I, who have been a Christian most of my life, needed this class as much as anyone else would. I give thanks to God for this site and your work. —Linda

Dr. Mounce is right when he encourages the beginner to start with the Foundation Classes. The very early responses, "But what about looking at it this way" and "Yes, I can go with that", moves on to "Mmm, that's interesting" and then, in my case, when I got to "Learning More about Who Jesus Is," moments of spiritual insight that brought tears to my eyes. Now I feel that I am gaining a clearer awareness of the path I have been following for so long. Now I can set out day by day with a more sure step. —Kenneth