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ZABUD (ză'bŭd, Heb. zāvûdh, bestowed). The son of Nathan; a principal officer of Solomon and his best friend (1Kgs.4.5).

ZABUD zā’ bud (זָב֧וּד). A son of Nathan, and friend and chief minister of King Solomon (1 Kings 4:5); perhaps the same as Zabad (1 Chron 2:36).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(zabhudh, "bestowed"):

(1) A son of Nathan (the prophet, probably) said in Kings to be chief minister to Solomon and also the king’s friend (1Ki 4:5; 1Ch 2:36). The American Revised Version margin has "priest" for "chief minister." Benzinger (Kurz. Hand-Commentary, 18) holds that "this expression is a marginal gloss here," while Kittel (Handkomm., 31) holds it to be genuine, though it is wanting in the Septuagint. Some suggest cokhen (see Shebna) for kohen. The expression "king’s friend" (compare 2Sa 15:37; 16:16) is, says Kittel, an old Canaanite title, found also in the Tell el-Amarna Letters.

(2) See Zaccur, (4); PRIESTS AND LEVITES.

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