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YELLOW as a dye is not found in the Bible. The dye in antiquity was produced from safflower petals, saffron from the crocus flower, turmeric, unripe pomegranate and other herbs. See also Color, Colors. יְרַקְרַק, H3768, (Ps 68:13) is not true yellow, perhaps a chartreuse, meaning basically green or to grow pale, elsewhere tr. “greenish.” It is an irridescent quality as in the peacock. Israel’s glory is described as she walked in God’s ways. צָהַב, H7410, “shining,” the appearance of the hair amidst leprous infections (Lev 13:30). If present, it indicates the presence of a leprous disease. Its disappearance indicates that it was curable and was not the microbic leprosy which wastes the body.

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