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William of Moerbeke

c.1215-1286. Philosopher and translator. He was born at Moerbeke, Belgium, and studied at Cologne. By 1260 he had served in the Dominican Order in Thebes and Nicea and, urged by Thomas Aquinas,* began to edit and translate ancient Greek authors. He translated much of Aristotle into Latin and became the most important and prolific translator of Greek in the thirteenth century. Translating Greek commentators, and writings of Proclus, Archimedes, Eutochius, Ptolemy, Hero, Galen, and Hippocrates, he through his work gave impetus to Neoplatonism* in the late Middle Ages. He was a chaplain and confessor to popes Clement IV and Gregory X. Zealous for reunion with the Greek Church, he participated in the Council of Lyons* (1274) and was appointed archbishop of Corinth (1278), where he resided until his death.