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Wilhelm Reublin

c.1482-c.1559. Anabaptist* reformer. Born at Rottenburg, he studied at Freiburg, receiving there a clerical consecration. After parish work in Tübingen and Griessen, he became people's priest in Basle (1521). Crowds listened to his Scripture expositions, and supported him when the bishop complained about his attacks on the Mass. He went to Zurich, and was the first Swiss priest to marry (1523). With others he was expelled after the 1525 Disputation. During his subsequent wanderings, he won B. Hubmaier and the city of Waldshut to the Anabaptist cause, debated on baptism with Capito* in Strasbourg, called Michael Sattler to Horb, was whipped from Esslingen (1528), and denounced as a false prophet by fellow Anabaptists in Moravia (1531). By 1535 he had withdrawn from Anabaptism, and latterly lived in Znaim, Zurich, and Basle.