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Water of Jealousy

JEALOUSY, WATER OF. The name given holy water used to determine the guilt or innocence of a wife accused by her husband of unfaithfulness (Num.5.11-Num.5.28). The accuser brought his wife and made an offering; dust from the tabernacle floor was mixed with holy water, which the woman drank. If she was guilty, the curse pronounced would come true for her; if she was not, she would be cleared of guilt.

JEALOUSY, WATER OF (see Adultery). By the “law of jealousy” (Num 5:11-31), a husband who suspected his wife of adultery brought her before the priest with a meal offering. The priest had her take an oath, then drink holy water mixed with dust from the Tabernacle floor, as an appeal to God to decide the issue. If no ill effects followed, she was innocent; otherwise she was guilty.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

See Adultery, (2).