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Walter Farquhar Hook

1798-1875. Dean of Chichester. Born in London and educated at Winchester and Oxford, he served in parishes in Birmingham and Coventry, and was from 1837 to 1859 a remarkably successful vicar of Leeds, frustrating Dissenters, increasing the number of parish churches from fifteen to thirty- six, befriending the poor, and adapting Anglicanism to the challenge of the new urban areas. A High Churchman, Hook helped the Tractarian* party to consecrate St. Saviour's, Leeds (1845), but later quarreled with Pusey over the ritualism practiced there. He wrote extensively, producing an eight-volume Dictionary of Ecclesiastical Biography and twelve volumes of lives of archbishops of Canterbury. Hook's immense physical and spiritual energies, together with his belligerent High Church Toryism, have suggested a comparison with Dr. Samuel Johnson.