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Valley of Elah

The Elah Valley from the top of Tell Azekah. This is where the battle between David and Goliath took place.

ELAH, VALE (VALLEY) OF (עֵ֣מֶק הָאֵלָ֑ה; LXX, ἡ κοιλὰς ̓Ηλα, of the terebinth or of the oak).

A valley in the Shephelah, generally identified with Wadi es-Sant (“Valley of the Acacia”), about fourteen m. SW of Jerusalem. It is possible that the valley of Shittim, mentioned in Joel 3:18, is a reference to Wadi es-Sant (Heb. shiṭṭah is the equivalent of Arab. sant). The area is rich in acacias, terebinths, and oaks. It was the scene of the combat between David and Goliath (1 Sam 17:2ff.; 21:9). Coursing through the valley is a watercourse (or wadi as the Arabs call it), which runs in the period of the rains only. The bottom of the watercourse is covered with small stones, the kind David might have used for his sling.