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UZZIEL, UZZIELITE (ŭ-zī'ĕl, ŭ-zī'ĕl-īt, Heb. ‘uzzî’ēl, God is strength)

1. A Levite, son of Kohath (Exod.6.18, Exod.6.22; Lev.10.4; Num.3.19, Num.3.30; 1Chr.6.2, 1Chr.6.18).

2. A captain in the days of Hezekiah from the tribe of Simeon, son of Ishi (1Chr.4.42).

3. One of Bela’s sons and head of a Benjamite family (1Chr.7.7).

4. One of David’s musicians, a son of Heman (1Chr.25.4).

5. One of the sons of Jeduthun, a Levite, who, heeding King Hezekiah’s commandment, assisted in cleansing the temple (2Chr.29.14-2Chr.29.19).

6. The son of Harhaiah, a goldsmith, who aided Nehemiah in repairing the walls of Jerusalem (Neh.3.8).

Anyone who descended from Uzziel the Levite was known as an Uzzielite. This group is referred to in several places (Num.3.27; 1Chr.26.23). During David’s day Amminadab was their chief, and those whom he led numbered 112 (1Chr.15.10).

2. One of four sons of Ishi the Simeonite. Uzziel was one of the leaders of a band of 500 Simeonites who engaged the Amalekites at Mt. Seir in a decisive battle, and came out victorious. The Simeonites extended their boundary to include that of the vanquished foe.

3. A Levite of the family of Jeduthun who responded to Hezekiah’s command to cleanse the Temple (2 Chron 29:14ff.). They spent fifteen days at their task, part of which was to restore the vessels discarded by Ahaz.

4. One who founded a Benjaminite family (1 Chron 7:7). He was one of five sons of Bela, and is referred to as a warrior. The genealogy of this family totaled twenty-two thousand and thirty-four.

5. An instrumentalist of the sons of Heman in the musical organization developed by David in preparation for the ritual to be used in the Temple (1 Chron 25:4). The group played lyres, harps, and cymbals.

6. A goldsmith, the son of Harhaiah, who helped Nehemiah in rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem (Neh 3:8).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

u-zi’-el, uz’-i-el, oo’-zi-el (`uzzi’el, "El (God) is my strength"):

(2) A Simeonite captain (1Ch 4:42).

(3) Head of a Benjamite (or according to Curtis a Zebulunite) family (1Ch 7:7).

(4) A Hemanite musician (1Ch 25:4); The Septuagint’s Codex Vaticanus has Azarael = "Azarel," the name given in 1Ch 25:18.

See Azarel.

(5) A Levite "son" of Jeduthun (2Ch 29:14).

(6) A goldsmith who joined in repairing the wall of Jerusalem (Ne 3:8).

(7) The reading of Septuagint (Oziel) for Jahaziel in 1Ch 23:19.

See Jahaziel, (3).