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Tribe of Manasseh

Manasseh joined David while he was a fugitive from Saul (1Chr.12.19-1Chr.12.22). When David was made king at Hebron, west Manasseh furnished 18,000 soldiers, and east Manasseh with Reuben and Gad 120,000 (1Chr.12.31, 1Chr.12.37). People from Manasseh and Ephraim joined with Judah in making a covenant to seek the Lord during the reign of Asa king of Judah (1Chr.15.9-1Chr.15.15). Certain pious souls from west Manasseh joined in the Passover during Hezekiah’s reign (2Chr.30.10-2Chr.30.22). When Josiah was king, he destroyed idols and purged altars in Manasseh’s territory as well as elsewhere (2Chr.34.6). The people of Manasseh contributed to an offering for the repairing of the temple in Josiah’s time (2Chr.34.9).——CEH

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