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Leading a Healthy Church Culture

This is a summary version of the Christ-Centered Leadership class in the Certificates section that includes a study guide and additional resources.

Transcriptions by BT Ambassador Phil Smith


Lecture 1:
Introduction to Leading a Healthy Church Culture

Includes a discussion of Hebrews 13:7-8

Lecture 2:​
Remembering our leaders

Lecture 3:​
Global trends affecting leadership

Lecture 4:​
The Shadow of a Leader – Case Study

Lecture 5:​
Discussion of the Case Study – The Shadow of the Leader

We included a YouTube video for you to watch after you see the class video.

Lecture ​6:
Discussion of the Movie Clip

Lecture 7:​
Leading with a Towel – John 13:1-17

Lecture 8:​
What is Culture? Products and Practices

Lecture 9:​
What is Culture? Values and Assumptions

Lecture 10:​
Metaphors for the Church

Lecture 11:​
Machine vs. Garden

Lecture 12:​
Discussion of Two Principles

Lecture 13:​
Leadership Values of Jesus

Lecture 14:​
Discussion of Luke 5:1-11

Lecture 15:​
Primary Handles, Part I

Lecture 16:​
Primary Handles, Part II

Lecture 17:​
The Example of Jesus

Lecture 18:​
Church Values Analysis