Free Online Bible Classes | Class Transcriptions

Here is a listing of the transcriptions for some of the classes in BiblicalTraining. If you would like to help us transcribe classes, or edit and format transcriptions, please contact us. Not all the transcriptions are done for some of the listed courses.


A Guide to Christian Beliefs , by Prof. I. Howard Marshall

A Short Course on Evangelism, by Dr. Robert Tuttle Jr.

Basics of Spiritual Growth, by Dr. Stephen Martyn

Bible Survey: A Big Screen Perspective, by Dr. Bert Downs

Essentials of Worship, by Dr. Gary Parrett

How to Read Your Bible, by Dr. George Guthrie

Life is a Journey, by Dr. William Mounce

New Testament Overview, by Dr. Carl Laney

Understanding the Old Testament, by Dr. Paul House

Why I Trust My Bible, by Dr. Bill Mounce

52 Major Stories of the Bible, by Dr. William Mounce


A Guide to Christian Theology, by Dr. Gerry Breshears

Bible Study Methods, by Dr. Mark Strauss

Essentials of World Missions, by Dr. Timothy Tennent

Spiritual Formation, by Dr. John Coe

The New Testament: Its Basic Structure, Content, and Theology, by Dr. William Mounce

Understanding the Old Testament, by Dr. Paul House

Understanding Theology, by Dr. Bruce Ware

Why We Believe the Bible, by John Piper


An Urgent Call to Shepherd, by Dr. Alexander Strauch

Leading Healthy Church Culture, by Dr. Rick Sessoms

Pitfalls of Leadership, by Dr. John Iamaio

Twelve Marks of a Healthy Board, Team Taught

Integrity of a Leader, Mr. Bill Thrall

Training Lay Leaders, Dr. John Johnson


Biblical Theology, by Drs. Van Pelt, Blomberg, and Schreiner

Essentials of African Traditional Religions, by Dr. Timothy Tennent

Essentials of Buddhism, by Dr. Timothy Tennent

Essentials of Christian Education, by Dr. Gary Parrett

Essentials of Church History, by Dr. Gordon Isaac

Essentials of Hinduism, by Dr. Timothy Tennent

Essentials of Islam, by Dr. Timothy Tennent

Essentials of Philosophy and Christian Thought, by Dr. Ronald Nash

Essentials of the Old Testament, by Dr. Douglas Stuart

History of the English Bible, by Dr. Daniel Wallace

Introduction to Public Speaking, by Dr. Bryan Chapell

The Story of Jesus, by John, by Dr. Robert Mounce

The Story of Jesus, by Peter, by Dr. Robert Mounce


Institute (Core)

Biblical Hermeneutics, Dr. Robert Stein

Introduction to the New Testament: Gospels and Acts, by Dr. Craig Blomberg

Introduction to the New Testament: Romans to Revelation, by Dr. Craig Blomberg

Life of Christ, by Dr. Darrell Bock

New Testament Survey: Acts – Revelation, Dr. Robert Stein

New Testament Survey: Acts - Revelation Dr. Timothy Schreiner

New Testament Survey: The Gospels, Dr. Robert Stein

Old Testament Survey, by Dr. Douglas Stuart

Old Testament Theology, by Dr. Paul House

Spiritual Life of the Leader, by Dr. Stephen Martyn

Systematic Theology I, by Dr. Bruce Ware

Systematic Theology II, by Dr. Bruce Ware

The Theology of Ministry, by Dr. John Johnson

Pastoral Care and Leadership, by Dr. John Johnson

Institute (Additional Classes)

Acts, Dr. Craig Keener

Advanced Worldview Analysis, Dr. Ronald Nash

Church History I, by Dr. Gerald Bray

Church History II, by Dr. Gerald Bray

Galatians, Dr. Douglas Moo

Greek Tools for Bible Study, Dr. William Mounce

Introduction to Hinduism, by Dr. Timothy Tennent

Introduction to Islam, Dr. Timothy Tennent

New Testament Introduction, Dr. Ben Witherington

Proverbs, Dr. Bruce Waltke

Psalms, Dr. Bruce Waltke