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Information for Transcriptionists


  • While the transcriptions should follow the spoken lecture, they do not have to be exact. The transcriptions need to stand on their own, and many people do not speak like they write. In other words, make the speaker a better writer than his words suggest. People may also be reading along as they listen, so don't stray too far from the spoken word.
  • You can take out any strange verbal comments. Remember, people will read these who are not listening to the lecture, so it needs to read well. But don't go overboard. People will know these are transcriptions, so some verbal stuff is okay.
  • Biblical references should be shortened, e.g., Romans chapter 1 verse 17, should be shortened to Romans 1:17.
  • Any major word processor works. File formats can be .txt, .rtf, .doc, .docx, .pages.
  • Only one space is needed after sentences. It is best to put just one blank line between paragraphs.
  • Insert paragraph breaks for major thought changes in the lecture.  
  • If there is an outline on the lecture page, please insert the outline points as headings between paragraphs. 
  • Spell out numbers one through nine (unless preceded by # or No., e.g., #2 or No. 8).
  • Abbreviations are fine for Bible versions and books of the Bible (see tables below).
  • No caps on "he" for God.
  • Capitalize: Bible, Scripture, Old Testament, New Testament
  • Commas and periods should be placed inside of quotation marks ("Like this," – "Not this",).
  • Commas should be placed before the beginning of a quote, e.g., He said, "I went to the store."
  • If you think you got the transcription right, but you aren't 100% sure, just leave it in red and we will notice those sections.
  • If you need help, you can contact Susan Coleman at
  • Send each completed lecture to
  • Here is a link to free software that some have found very helpful in the transcription process - Express Scribe.


Modern Versions

ASV American Standard Version
CEV Contemporary English Version
ESV English Standard Version
GNB Good News Bible
KJV King James Version
LB Living Bible
NASB New American Standard Bible
NET New English Translation
NIV New International Version
NKJV New King James Version
NRSV New Revised Standard Version
RSV Revised Standard Version
TEV Today’s English Version (= Good News Bible)

Old Testament

Gen Genesis   Song Song of Solomon
Exod Exodus   Isa Isaiah
Lev Leviticus   Jer Jeremiah
Num Numbers   Lam Lamentations
Deut Deuteronomy   Ezek Ezekiel
Josh Joshua   Dan Daniel
Judg Judges   Hos Hosea
Ruth Ruth   Joel Joel
1–2 Sam 1–2 Samuel   Amos Amos
1–2 Kgs 1–2 Kings   Jonah Jonah
1–2 Chr 1–2 Chronicles    Obad Obadiah
Ezra Ezra   Mic Micah
Neh Nehemiah   Nah Nahum
Esth Esther   Hab Habakkuk
Job Job   Zeph Zephaniah
Ps/Pss Psalms   Hag Haggai
Prov Proverbs   Zech Zechariah
Eccl Ecclesiastes   Mal Malachi

New Testament

Matt Matthew   1–2 Thess 1–2 Thessalonians
Mark Mark   1–2 Tim 1–2 Timothy
Luke Luke   Titus Titus
John John   Phlm Philemon
Acts Acts   Heb Hebrews
Rom Romans   Jas James
1–2 Cor 1–2 Corinthians    1–2 Pet 1–2 Peter
Gal Galatians   1–2–3 John 1–2–3 John
Eph Ephesians   Jude Jude
Phil Philippians   Rev Revelation
Col Colossians      


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