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Tower of Hananel

HANANEL, TOWER OF hăn’ ə nĕl (חֲנַנְאֵֽל, God is gracious; KJV has HANANEEL, nēl). The name of a tower on the wall of Jerusalem, prob. near the NE corner, not far from the Sheep Gate. Nehemiah 3:1 says that when the wall was rebuilt, the Sheep Gate was built as far as the Tower of Hananel and that when the walls were dedicated, companies of princes inspected them, including the Tower of Hananel. It is not known how the tower got its name. It was replaced by the Tower of Antonia. Jeremiah 31:38 and Zechariah 14:10 mention it as a boundary of Jerusalem when it will be rebuilt. See map under Nehemiah; Tower of Antonia.