TOPHETH, TOPHET (tō'phĕth, tō'phĕt, Heb. tōpheth). An area in the Valley of Hinnom where human sacrifices were made to Molech (2Kgs.23.10; Jer.7.31). It is mentioned by Isaiah who declared that a topheth, a place of burning, was prepared by the Lord for the king of Assyria (Isa.30.33). Jeremiah predicted that the name of the place would be changed to the Valley of Slaughter because of the many people who would be killed there (Jer.7.32-Jer.7.33; Jer.19.6). Josiah desecrated this place so that it no longer could be used for idolatrous practices (2Kgs.23.10).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)