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Table of Contents

Part I: Introduction

Chapter I: Religion
Chapter II: Revelation
Chapter III: Scripture

Part II: The Doctrine of God and Creation

Chapter IV: The Essential Nature of God
Chapter V: The Names of God
Chapter VI: The Attributes of God
Chapter VII: The Trinity
Chapter VIII: The Divine Decrees
Chapter IX: Creation
Chapter X: Providence

Part III: Man in Relation to God

Chapter XI: Man in His Original State
Chapter XII: Man in the State of Sin
Chapter XIII: Man in the Covenant of Grace

Part IV: The Person and Work of Christ

Chapter XIV: The Names and Nature of Christ
Chapter XV: The States of Christ
Chapter XVI: The Offices of Christ
Chapter XVII: The Atonement Through Christ

Part V: The Doctrine of the Application of the Work of Redemption

Chapter XVIII: The Common Operation of the Holy Spirit: Common Grace
Chapter XIX: Calling and Regeneration
Chapter XX: Conversion: Repentance and Faith
Chapter XXI: Justification
Chapter XXII: Sanctification and Perseverance

Part VI: The Doctrine of the Church and the Means of Grace

Chapter XXIII: The Nature of the Church
Chapter XXIV: The Government and Power of the Church
Chapter XXV: The Word of God and the Sacraments in General
Chapter XXVI: Christian Baptism
Chapter XXVII: The Lord's Supper

Part VII: The Doctrine of the Last Things

Chapter XXVIII: Physical Death and the Intermediate State
Chapter XXIX: The Second Coming of Christ
Chapter XXX: The Resurrection, the Last Judgment, and the Final State