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The Book of Job

About this Class


Lecture 1:
Approaching the Book of Job


Lecture 2:
Basic Introductory Matters


Lecture 3:
ANE Literary Parallels


Lecture 4:
Biblical Genres in Job


Lecture 5:
The Historical Setting of Job


Lecture 6:
Job and Apocalyptic Literature


Lecture 7:
The Prologue (Job 1–2)


Lecture 8:
Job’s Opening Speech


Lecture 9:
Eliphaz’s First Response (Job 4–5)


Lecture 10:
Eliphaz and the Night Spirit


Lecture 11:
Job responds to Eliphaz


Lecture 12:
Bildad Speaks


Lecture 13:
Job responds to Bildad


Lecture 14:
Zophar’s Speech (Job 11) and a summary of cycle 1


Lecture 15:
Job begins the second cycle (Job 12–14)


Lecture 16:
Eliphaz’s Second Response


Lecture 17:
Job and Bildad speak


Lecture 18:
Job’s Fond Hope


Lecture 19:
Zophar declares Job to be God’s enemy


Lecture 20:
Job begins the 3rd cycle


Lecture 21:
Eliphaz makes a Furious Final Speech


Lecture 22:
Job wants Justice; Bildad Advises Despair


Lecture 23:
Job’s Final Retort to the three


Lecture 24:
The Secret Wisdom


Lecture 25:
Job’s Final Discourse


Lecture 26:
The Negative Confession


Lecture 27:


Lecture 28:
God and Inanimate Nature


Lecture 29:
The Ancient Perspective on Nature


Lecture 30:
God and Animate Nature


Lecture 31:
The Powers above Nature


Lecture 32:
The Identity of Behemoth


Lecture 33:
Behemoth as the “beginning of the ways of God”


Lecture 34:
Identifying Leviathan


Lecture 35:
Combating Leviathan


Lecture 36:
Job Repents (Job 42:1–6)


Lecture 37:
The Theology of Job 1


Lecture 38:
The Theology of Job 2


Lecture 39:
The Theology of Job 3


Lecture 40:
The Theology of Job 4