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TAHKEMONITE (tăk'mō-nīt, Heb. tahkemōnî). The family of David’s chief captain (2Sam.23.8), who sat in the seat (kjv); his name was Josheb-basshebeth (asv, niv, rsv). He is the same as Jashobeam, a Hacmonite (1Chr.11.11). The text of both verses is difficult.

TAHCHEMONITE tä ke’ mə nīt (תַּחְכְּמֹנִ֣י). KJV TACHMONITE, tăk’ me nīt. A word found in 2 Samuel 23:8 to identify one of David’s “mighty men.” It is prob. a copyist’s error for Hachmonite (1 Chron 11:11), a ה mistaken for a ת.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

ta-ke’-mo-nit, ta’-ke-mon-it (tachkemoni): Name of a family to which Jashobeam, the chief captain in David’s army, belonged (2Sa 23:8; 1Ch 11:11). In 1 Chronicles it is "Hachmonite."