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TABBATH (tăb'ath, Heb. tabbāth). A place named in tracing the route of flight of the Midianites and their allies after Gideon’s three hundred defeated them (Judg.7.22). If the current identification with a site east of the Jordan between Jabesh Gilead and Succoth is correct, the army must have crossed the Jordan in their flight.

TABBATH tăb’ əth (טַבָּֽת; LXX Ταβάθ). Tentatively located E of the Jordan. The locality is mentioned in Judges 7:22 as the terminal point of Gideon’s pursuit of the Midianites, routed by his commando force in the plain of Jezreel. The following chapter (vv. 10-13) implies a position in the vicinity of Karkor in Gilead, though Karkor itself is insufficiently identified to serve as a real point of reference. The Gilead hill country would be the natural rallying point of the defeated host. Possibly Ras Abu Tabat on the slopes of Jebel ’Ajlun.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

A place named after Abel-meholah in the account of the Midianite flight before Gideon (Jud 7:23). It must therefore have been a place in the Jordan valley to the East of Beth-shan. No trace of the name has yet been recovered.

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