STAKE (Heb. yāthēdh). A tent pin or tent peg (Exod.27.19; Isa.33.20; Isa.54.2).

STAKE (יָתֵד, H3845, stake, pin, nail), a peg to be driven into the ground, as tent peg; pin (Exod 27:19; nail (Judg 4:21, 22) made of bronze, silver, or iron.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

stak: Isa 33:20; 54:2 for yathedh, "tent-pin," or, perhaps, "tent-pole" (Ex 27:19; Jud 4:21, etc.). The King James Version Sirach 43:19, "The hoar frost, .... being congealed, lieth on the top of sharp stakes," is of course meaningless. the Revised Version (British and American) "When it is congealed, it is as points of thorns" renders the Greek very exactly, but the Hebrew would indicate for the original meaning "forms frost-flowers of sapphire."