SPOT (Heb. mûm, Gr. spilos). The Hebrew word denotes a blemish or “flaw” on the face (Song.4.7). It is also rendered “blemish” (Lev.24.19 kjv) and “blot” (Prov.9.7 kjv). The Greek word is used figuratively of a stain of sin (2Pet.3.14; Jude.1.23).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

"Without spot" in Nu 19:2, etc., is tamim, a usual word for "perfect" (so the Revised Version margin); aspilos (the negative form of spilos) occurs in 1Ti 6:14; 1Pe 1:19; 2Pe 3:14, with Jas 1:27 ("unspotted"). For the King James Version Heb 9:14 see Blemish.

Alex. Macalister