SOSIPATER sō sip’ ə tər (Σωσίπατρος, G5399, saving one’s father), a “kinsman” of Paul, i.e. a Jew (Rom 16:21; cf. 9:3-5). He joins Lucius and Jason in sending greetings to the Rom. Christians. Sopater (q.v.) is a variant of Sosipater; linguistically, it is therefore possible that they are the same person.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

Sosipater unites with Lucius and Jason in sending greetings to the Roman Christians (Ro 16:21). He is a "kinsman" of Paul, by which Paul means a Jew (Ro 9:3; 16:11,21). It is the same name as SOPATER (which see). "Sopater of Berea" was one of the companions of Paul on his journey from Philippi after his 3rd missionary journey (Ac 20:4). These two are probably the same person, Paul having with him in Corinth, at the time of writing to the Roman Christians, the two Macedonians, Sopater of Berea and Jason of Thessalonica. The name Sosipater is found on a list of politarchs of Thessalonica.

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