Free Online Bible Library | Small Group Dynamics by Dr. Ron Pyle

Small Group Dynamics by Dr. Ron Pyle

About this Class: 

How we communicate, and how other hear and respond, is not as simple as one might expect. Dr. Pyle is a consummate professional in understanding the nature of communication, and in this class centers in on issues of leadership and conflict.



Lecture 1:
Introduction to Small Groups

What are small groups? Why do we have them? What does a healthy small group look like? What are some ways to structure your group so you get off to a good start?


Lecture 2:
Small Group Leadership

What are qualities and skills you can cultivate in order to become an effective small group leader?


Lecture 3:
Interpersonal Conflict in Ministry Contexts

When people interact, there will always be conflict. In a small group setting, it is crucial to know how to manage conflict in a way that is biblical and honors each of the people in the group.