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SHUHITE (shū'hīt, Heb. shûhī, a native of Shuah). A term describing Job’s friend Bildad (Job.2.11; Job.8.1; Job.18.1; Job.25.1; Job.42.9). It is very likely that this term refers back to Abraham’s son by Keturah named Shuah. From him came a tribe of Arabs that lived near Uz, the birthplace of Job (Job.1.1; Job.2.11). The exact location of this tribe is not certainly known, but it is likely that these people lived in the far northern area west of the Euphrates. If they were near Uz, as Job.2.11 indicates, this would place Uz farther north than is commonly thought.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

Cognomen of Bildad, one of Job’s friends (Job 2:11; 8:1; 18:1; 25:1; 42:9). The place referred to cannot be definitely located.

See Bildad; Shuah.

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