SHIMRI (shĭm'rī, Heb. shimrî)

A son of Shemaiah and the head of a family in the tribe of Simeon (1Chr.4.37).The father of Jediael and Joha, two of David’s mighty men (1Chr.11.45).A son of Hosah of the Merarite Levites, whom, though he was not the firstborn, Hosah made chief of his thirteen kinsmen. Spelled Simri in KJV (1Chr.26.10).A Levite who assisted in cleansing the temple (2Chr.29.13).

SHIMRI shĭm’ rī (שִׁמְרִ֖י, watchful). A name shared by four different men of the OT. 1. A Simeonite the son of Shemaiah and father of Jedaiah, a prince of his tribe (1 Chron 4:37).

2. The father of Jediael who was one of David’s faithful followers and a member of his army (11:45).

3. The son of Hosah, a Levite of the Merari division. He was appointed by David as a doorkeeper in the Temple. Although he was not the first-born, his father made him chief (26:10).

4. The son of Elizaphan, a Levite of the Gershon branch who assisted in the Temple reforms under Hezekiah (2 Chron 29:13).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

There are four Hebrews mentioned in the Bible who bear this name:

(1) A Simeonite, a son of Shemaiah and father of Jedaiah, a chief of his tribe (1Ch 4:37).

(2) The father of Jediael, a bodyguard of King David (1Ch 11:45).

(3) A son of Hosah, a Levite. He was appointed by David to be doorkeeper in the house of the Lord. He was made chief of the tribe, although not the firstborn of his family (1Ch 26:10).

(4) One of the sons of Elizaphan, a Levite. He assisted in purifying the temple in the time of Hezekiah (2Ch 29:13).