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SHILLEM, SHILLEMITES (shĭl'ĕm, shĭl'ĕm-īts). The fourth son of Naphtali (Gen.46.24); the family descended from him (Num.26.49). He is also called Shallum (1Chr.7.13 except niv).

SHILLEM shĭl’ əm (שִׁלֵּֽם). The fourth son of Naphtali (Gen 46:24), and founder of a tribal family called the Shillemites (Num 26:49; 1 Chron 7:13; see Shallum).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

shil’-em, shil’-em-its (shillem, ha-shillemi): Shillem is found in Ge 46:24, a son of Naphtali; Shillemites, his descendants, are mentioned in Nu 26:49; SHALLUM (which see) is found in 1Ch 7:13.