SHEPHAM (shē'făm, Heb. shephām, nakedness). A place in the NE of Canaan, near the Sea of Galilee (Num.34.10-Num.34.11).

SHEPHAM she’ fəm (שְׁפָ֛ם, nakedness). One of the sites in NE Canaan which served to delineate the eastern boundary of the Promised Land (Num 34:10, 11).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

A place, probably a hill town, on the ideal eastern boundary of Israel, named in Nu 34:10, but omitted in Eze 47:15-18. It lay between Hazar-enan and Harbel (Massoretic Text: "Hariblah"), which must have been in the neighborhood of Hermon. The word means a "naked" place, and doubtless indicates one of the barer midway ridges of Anti-Lebanon. It was probably the native place of Zabdi the Shiphmite, who was David’s chief vine-gardener (1Ch 27:27).