SHEBUAL, SHEBUEL shĭ’ bul, shĕb yŏŏ’ əl (שׁוּבָאֵ֖ל, shebu’ēl; LXX Σουβαήλ). Our knowledge of Shebual is limited to five references in 1 Chronicles. He is identified as a Levite whose lineage is traced to Amram (24:20), to Gershom the son of Moses (23:16 and 26:24). The Shebuel mentioned in 25:4 as a son of Heman may be another individual by this name.

Shebuel served as a Levite in the organization under David for religious service. He was assigned to be one of the chief officers in charge of the treasuries (26:24).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

she-bu’-el, sheb’-u-el (shebhu’el; Soubael):

(1) A son of Gershom and grandson of Moses (1Ch 23:16). He was "ruler over the treasures" (1Ch 26:24). In 1Ch 24:20 he is called "Shubael," which is probably the original form of the name (see Gray, HPN, 310).

(2) A son of Heman (1Ch 25:4), called in 1Ch 25:20 "Shubael" (Septuagint as in 25:4).

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