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SHARUHEN (sha-rū'hĕn, Heb. shārûhen). An ancient town in SW Palestine, south of Gaza and west of Beersheba. It was assigned to the tribe of Simeon within Judah’s territory (Josh.19.6; cf. Gen.49.7); apparently the same as Shilhim (Josh.15.32) and Shaaraim (1Chr.4.31). It has now been identified with Tell el-Fār‘ah.

SHARUHEN shə rōō’ ən (שָֽׁרוּחֶ֑ן). One of the cities within the territory of Judah which was alloted to the tribe of Simeon (Josh 19:6). A comparison of the Simeonite list (19:1-9) with the Judaite list (ch. 15) indicates that Sharuhen is quite prob. identical with Shilhim (15:32). In 1 Chronicles 4:31 it is also called Shaaraim. The city was located in the extreme SW corner of Canaan.

Sharuhen is undoubtedly the S̆rhon found in certain Egyp. texts. It figured importantly in the successful attempts of the Egyptians to drive out the Hyksos, although it resisted stoutly for three years before it fell. Its collapse marked the end of a cent. of Hyksos rule and the opening of the route to Asia, the prelude to the rise of the Egyp. empire and its extensive dominion of Syro-Pal.

It seems almost certain that the modern Tell el-Far’ah marks the site of Sharuhen. In 1928 Flinders Petrie excavated the site, thinking it to be Beth-pelet, but the great amount of Hyksos remains has led most to identify Tell el-Far’ah with Sharuhen.

The difference in the spelling of Sharuhen and Shilhim may be attributed to the common utilization of “r” for “l” in Egyp. transcriptions of Canaanite names.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

One of the cities in the territory of Judah assigned to Simeon (Jos 19:6). In Jos 15:32 it is called "Shilhim," and in 1Ch 4:31, "Shaaraim" (which see).