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Rupert of Deutz

c.1075-1129. Medieval theologian and exegete. Born in Germany, he early entered the Benedictine monastery of St. Laurence at Liège. He wrote and taught at Liège and Siegburg before being appointed abbot of Deutz near Cologne about 1120. He was strongly opposed to simony, to strict predestinarianism, and to the introduction of logic into theology. Possessing no formal theological system, he defended the mystical theology traditionally held by the Benedictines, especially against the dialectic methods of Anselm of Laon* and William of Champeaux.* He was a noted scriptural exegete, writing several commentaries and other works, in which he interpreted the Bible literally, allegorically, and morally. He developed an Augustinian theology of history. His imprecise language has led to conflicting interpretations of his doctrine of the Eucharist.